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Never lose money again ― automatic repricing and stock management.

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Automatic Repricing

Supplier prices change all the time. It is vital for drop shippers to continuously track supplier prices and reprice their listings when necessary.

Pricematik can automatically monitor price variations from your suppliers. Your account can be configured to reprice your listings in different ways.

Repricing rules
  • Reprice your listings on every price change. The new sale price is proportional to the price variation.
  • Reprice your listings only when your profit drops below a specified treshold.

Stock Management

Have you ever had to cancel a sale because your supplier was suddenly out-of-stock?

Pricematik automatically detects whether the item is available for sale. If the system determines that the item is out-of-stock or unavailable, Pricematik will set your listing quantity to zero. By doing so, the listing will be disabled and your customers will no longer be able to purchase the item from you. When the item is back in stock, Pricematik re-enables your listing on eBay and makes it visible to your customers.

Scan report

Pricematik keeps track of every revision made to your listings. On every scan, we provide a revision report that contains a detailed explanation of the changes made by Pricematik.

Configurable Rules

The repricer can be configured to reprice your listings in different ways to really suit your needs. You can also setup rules for the inventory manangement. As an exemple, the repricer can disable your listing on eBay if the item is not longer Prime eligible on Amazon.

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